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DevOps Enterprise Delivery Engine

Many organizations today are tackling bits and pieces of DevOps, but few have been able to effect the cultural transformation necessary to integrate all of the components into a single, seamless service. We help you bring your developers, operations and other key stakeholders together to more effectively communicate and collaborate, streamlining how you deliver new features and services. By putting in place standards and controls to ensure quality, traceability and compliance, we free your teams to focus on what matters most – delivering business value.

ProKarma’s Enterprise Delivery Engine empowers organizations to realize the full power of DevOps by integrating processes across project planning, building, testing, deployment and monitoring. The result is an automated system that requires no human intervention to balance product uptime, efficiency and compliance while ensuring that project deployment stays on track. We also will assist you in the training of your team who are an integral part to assuring a successful transformation to DevOps.

Learn how ProKarma is helping organizations implement DevOps through our new Enterprise Delivery Engine Service.